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Good for nature, good for us


About four months ago, we made a nature-friendly and significant change in Mäder with our new green roof. On the roof of our administration building, the previous gravel was extracted and replaced with recycled granulate material. Plant seeds were then spread on the granulate obtained from old, crushed roof tiles. The granulate optimally stores water. Over time moss, grasses and many flowers will grow on it. This creates a natural cycle and a valuable habitat for insects. 

Less energy consumption through more green
Our additional benefit from this change will be that we will benefit from lower energy consumption in the future. 
The reason for this is that the roof will no longer heat up so much under the approximately 10-cm-thick green granulate layer, which also stores a large amount of rainwater, and we will therefore use less energy for cooling.

Picture left: The new green roof shortly after the replacement of gravel with roof tile granulate.
Picture right: 4 months later - the first plants are already growing on the recycled roof tiles.

Numerous contacts in Amsterdam


At the beginning of June, the international trade fair "PLMA" took place in Amsterdam. We were there with our stand in the Austrian Pavilion.
Our 5-person trade fair team, including Managing Director Michael Temel, looks back on intensive and exciting days and reports the following: "Being able to participate in trade fairs again is great, because there is always a lot of potential in the numerous personal customer contacts! We made many new contacts and met many existing customers. We presented our company and our product range. Our purchasing manager Markus Hämmerle and managing director Michael Temel also had several meetings with existing suppliers and discussed various topics.

A big thank you to our trade fair team and all the other participants for your motivation and commitment!

Gunz-Tigers in top form


At the Waibel Workwear Company Cup on 26 May, 18 teams dueled at the SCRA Altach stadium for the title of the best company team in Vorarlberg. With the Gunz Tigers, led by captain Andreas Mathis, we were able to send an ambitious team to the start. In top form and highly motivated, they played for the coveted Waibel challenge cup. Unfortunately, it was not enough for victory or a place on the podium, but the event still provided plenty of fun!

In the picture above: Our "Gunz-Tigers" at the Company Cup
(back f.l.t.r.: George Panagidis, Matteo Madlener, Mostafa Alrawi, Andreas Lisch, Akif Selman; front f.l.t.r.: Captain Andreas Mathis, Marc Mittempherger, Christian Türtscher)

Reason to celebrate: We are TÜV-certified again!


We passed the high requirements of food safety, according to the TÜV guideline, again this year without any deficiencies.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the employees involved for each and every contribution that led to this result! We would like to extend a special thank you to the quality assurance team - THANK YOU for your perfect work on this topic!

10-time winner in a row


What a masterstroke! FC Bayern Munich crowned themselves German football champions for the 10th time in a row at the end of April against Borussia Dortmund! Congratulations to our partner club!
On this occasion, here are a few championship placings:

The Bunny was amazed


Even the Easter Bunny was amazed! As beautiful as here Easter cakes, chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and Ginetto Hugo's were placed on the shop floors. The sales of our customers went through the roof just before Easter! Many thanks for the pictures!

30 donation pallets


Last week, almost 30 donation pallets with various foodstuffs left our warehouse for Ukraine. 
In cooperation with two of our biggest Ukrainian customers, various relief goods such as noodles, drinks and baked goods are being distributed to refugees on the Ukrainian-Polish border. 
We hope that in this way we can make a small contribution to supporting those affected by this devastating situation.

well stacked


Place, remove perforation, sell: Thanks to the printed and perforated cartons on many of our products, selling is child's play.

Our range here extends from counter displays, display cartons, floor displays, pallet jackets to individually loadable stacking cartons or displays. Our sales team will be happy to advise you!

Cuddle and enjoy


One of our Chinese customers does the sale of Woogie sweets in a very loving way. For all kinds of occasions and themes, they offer fluffy cuddly toys with Woogie chewy sweets and lollies in their bellies. This appeals to small and large connoisseurs of all ages!



At the end of January, our esteemed colleague, Raphael Fritsch, said goodbye to the Gunz team. He will be pulling up stakes in Vorarlberg and moving to the other end of Austria - to beautiful Burgenland! Raphael has been an extremely loyal, motivated and very valuable colleague of the Mäder camp team for almost seven years now. Thanks to his perseverance and his willingness to help, we were able to bridge a staff shortage in the last few months.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Raphael once again!

We now have our own Instagram channel!


Since a few days we have our own channel on Instagram!

There you can find out about new products and the latest news about us.

We would like your opinion on the layout of our new Chocolate Thins Caramel. Do you prefer A or B?

We look forward to seeing you as a follower on gunz_warenhandels_gmbh!

Eco Points system


Our points system for sustainable employee mobility, introduced one and a half years ago, is going really well. So far, our employees at the Mäder and Magdeburg sites have collected an impressive 250,000 points! Points can be collected by travelling by public transport, bicycle or on foot. Once a certain number of points have been collected, they can be exchanged for attractive prizes. This makes the system worthwhile for our employees. And it is even more worthwhile for our environment!


We are happy about the high acceptance in the team and hope for many imitators! Keep up the good work - get out into the fresh air and take the public transport or the bike!




The world's leading trade fair for confectionery and snacks took place in Cologne at the end of January: ISM. We were there with our own stand!

Our motivated team on site experienced exciting, but also very intensive days among more than 1,700 national and international exhibitors. We are very satisfied with the course and the summary of our visit to the fair. We counted many new visitors at our stand, to whom we were able to present our products. We were also able to welcome many familiar faces to our exhibition area.

Many thanks to all visitors and the members of our team!

Our team, consisting of George Panagidis (left), Tina Manzl, Andreas Mathis with Managing Director Michael Temel (right), clearly enjoyed what was happening at the trade fair in Cologne.

Prod Expo


At the beginning of February, our Gunz Eurasia team was in Moscow at the Prod Expo. Here are a few pictures of our visit to the fair:

Picture above left: Our Gunz Eurasia team, consisting of Sergei Skoriy (left), Elena Busniuk and Sergei Lagun, is ready to welcome the visitors.

Report on generational change


You can read about our company's major generational change, value stability and an exclusive interview with our new Managing Director in the current newspaper supplement entitled "Kein Jahr wie jedes andere" ("No year like any other").

The report is also available on our homepage under Customer Service:

New catalogue


Our new product and company catalogue was published this week. Order it now hot off the press or view it directly online:

The assortment for this year's Christmas season is fixed. The assortment catalogue for 2022 can be viewed on our homepage under Brochures.

Report in the newspaper "VN"


In the first week of January, a report on the market development and the annual financial statements of our company appeared in the Vorarlberger Nachrichten.

You can read the report here: 

From our everyday life


Our daily goal is to meet all of our customers' wishes in the best possible way. Our packaging departments play an important role in this.

Here, for example: 
- individual bundles are made
- mixed displays are packed
- articles are labelled
- articles for export customers are language labelled

Here is a video insight into the everyday work of the packaging departments:

(In the video: Using the latest technology, we pack our Meister Moulin Brownies into a double pack)

Employee bonus


In this photo, our employees impressively show how happy the Gunz team is about the annual employee bonus. For several years now, our colleagues have received an annual bonus due to the positive development of the company. This year the total was 386,194 euros!
In our bonus model, everyone is treated equally - regardless of age, gender, position and nationality. No differences are made, as all employees are equally important for the company's success. 2.5 million euros have already been distributed in the past five years! 



At the end of last year, we were able to congratulate numerous employees on a total of 190 years of service at Gunz. One colleague shone on the golden podium with 20 years in the Gunz family, two colleagues received the silver award with 15 years each and 14 (!) colleagues received the bronze award with 10 years each. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our jubilarians once again!