Fair trade: living our values


Fair trade: it speaks for itself


In autumn last year, a team of five from Gunz set out on a stunning fair trade journey to Africa. Together with Fair Trade Austria and three other fair trade partners, our team, led by managing director Michael Temel and company founder Werner Gunz, travelled to Côte d’Ivoire.


The trip left a huge number of impressions on the participants, and they learned all about ...

... the lives led by the local people.

... the production of cocoa on the Ivory Coast.

... the topic of fair trade.


We got to see a lot, experience a lot and learn a lot. We saw the cocoa being harvested and learned about the various steps in the process for preparing the cocoa for export.

We were able to visit schools and see many children’s faces light up.

We got to visit projects to support women and to see their impressive work.

We were also able to visit wells which supply entire communities with drinking water.


All are projects that were realised with fair trade sponsorship: projects which it has also been possible to realise thanks to our partnership with fair trade.

We are more proud of our fair trade partnership than ever before!

We would very much like to share our impressions from our trip with you and our belief in fair trade!

We have therefore published a multi-page brochure about our trip which we have distributed in several newspapers as a supplement.

You can also view the brochure directly here:


Fairtrade bag with "the future is fair" print