Embodying values - FAIR responsibility at all levels

It all started with an inner attitude. And the feeling of wanting to give something back. To let others share in our success. At the end, there is the lived self-image of an entire company. An unwritten constitution, so to speak. What others call strategy or positioning is called FAIR responsibility at Gunz. As a bundle of measures, without a grand plan. Just do it. As is so often the case. Typical Gunz, one is tempted to say. That's why there is no definition of what exactly is meant by FAIR responsibility. But the knowledge of what needs to be done. And a whole series of impressive projects.


We present a few of them in more detail on the following pages. And we cover a fascinating range of topics - from respectful cooperation with partners such as the cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast (p. 4) to social activities using the example of the Mäder school home (p. 11) and commitment to the environment in the form of climate protection and genuine sustainability. At the top of the list is the appreciation of our own employees. Some of them give us an insight into the world of Gunz, with their very special way of working together and their own corporate culture that has developed over the years (p. 8).