Common goal: climate protection

We have been part of the turn to zero community for several years. Together with numerous other companies, we are pursuing the common goal of minimising greenhouse gas emissions. 

Despite great efforts, CO2 emissions cannot be completely avoided. We would therefore like to make further important contributions to climate protection in a different way. In cooperation with turn to zero, we support high-quality, controlled and certified climate protection projects every year.


We recently received our greenhouse gas balance for 2022 from "turn to zero".

In total, we had around 935 tonnes of emissions (locations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland).

When selecting climate protection projects, we focus on the quality and meaningfulness of the measures so that the projects can also contribute to sustainable development.


We were recently able to support the following projects:

  • Reforestation project in Nicaragua
  • Plastic recycling project in Romania and
  • Water treatment project in India
Indian boy with recycled water bottle

Thanks to a solar water disinfection method, WADI (UV measuring device) enables clean water treatment in India

We are very proud to participate in these excellent projects!