The journey began by truck to Hamburg, before continuing to mainland China on the Trans-Eurasia Express

FCB products travel to China on the Trans-Eurasia Express

Xi'an is the capital of the Chinese province of Shaanxi. The city is home to some 12 million people. Of these, around 4 million live in the central part of the city. We were recently able to send a delivery to the heart of the city. Our customer is waiting there with considerable anticipation for his fully-packed container. When the container arrives, he will receive several pallets of butter cookies and sweets, as well as mixed pallets containing chewy sweets, lollipops and wafers.

After the exceptionally long lead time of more than a year (which was partly due to hiccups caused by the pandemic), the container finally began its long journey to China at the end of June. The container will take three weeks to reach its destination. The special thing here is that the container isn’t travelling to China by ship, but by train. This saves both money and time, as the train is much faster. The “Trans-Eurasia Express” travels along the Germany-Poland-Russia-Central Asia-China route.

A detail worth mentioning: the customer has only ordered goods from FC Bayern Munich! 
And he’ll soon be bringing a little bit of Christmas magic to the people of Xi'an ... as his next order for FCB Advent calendars is already being processed! Things are staying exciting in our export department and in the heart of the metropolis of Xi’an!

Many thanks to our export department for responding to the requirements of this challenging order so well!