Gunz booth at the Tallinn Food Estonia

Interest in seasonal goods greater than ever

At the end of September, Jevgenij, our professional for the Baltic states, represented us at the “30th Tallinn Food” event in Estonia. He attended the event in Tallinn, which is the capital of Estonia, with an assortment of Gunz products and information all about fairtrade, fan food, promotions and seasonal goods. The trade fair is a small trade fair but one which is important to us nonetheless, as we get to meet with many customers there directly. Due to the close proximity, we aren’t just able to meet with customers from Estonia at the event, but also Latvia and Lithuania - i.e. from the entire Baltic region. And it is also the perfect place to find new customers! Jevgenij was very busy this time, and very pleased with his visit to the fair. This year, the exceptional levels of interest in our seasonal goods proved to be striking.

Portrait image of Jevgenij

This year, the interest in our seasonal products was greater than ever.
Our customers in the Baltic region love our Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter assortments.

– Jevgenij

Jevgenij, thank you for your hard work and telling us all about “Tallinn Food”!