Solidarity fund donated in full

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our employees, customers and suppliers for their loyalty and the trust they have placed in us over the past year.


As every year, we are pleased to be able to fill our Gunz Solidarity Fund with EUR 100,000.

We have set up this fund for our employees to provide support in the event of personal misfortune. If the fund is not or not fully utilised in a calendar year, we are happy to donate the amount to social institutions.

Fortunately, none of our employees suffered a stroke of fate in 2023 and we were able to donate the entire EUR 100,000 to social organisations:


EUR 50.000 to the Mäder school home

EUR 25.000 to "Ma hilft"


Last year, we also regularly donated products to the Vorarlberg organisation "Tischlein Deck Dich". This charitable organisation distributes leftover food from all over the country free of charge to people in need.

Arnt Buchwald (Managing Director of School Home Mäder) is very grateful for the generous donation.

Michael Temel with the donation cheque for "Ma hilft": Vorarlberg's non-profit association for people in need through no fault of their own.