Eco points: Image of globe with bicycle symbol

Never giving up, even when it’s cold


Over the last three years, with the Eco points system for sustainable staff mobility, our employees have succeeded in redeeming hundreds of thousands of Eco points. 
Whether it’s arriving in comfort when the weather is mild or soaked-through during a downpour - the environmentally friendly alternative to the car is always rewarded. And that’s something which is very much appreciated by many colleagues at our Magdeburg and Mäder locations. The “rewards”, in the form of gift vouchers or products, are distributed almost every week.


We would like to thank everyone who has taken part so far and who is continuing to do so!

In the spirit of enjoying the fresh air: travelling on foot, by bicycle or by public transport is good for the environment and good for your physical fitness.

Tom with his new set of foam fitness rollers




Tom Volland, who works at our Magdeburg site, sets a great example: he has recently swapped the Eco points that he collected for a set of foam fitness rollers.


Thank you, Tom - well done!



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