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Facts and Figures

We are a food distribution company which was founded in 1986, for which 150 suppliers across Europe make approximately 1,200 products that are sold under the label of 20 Gunz brands to some 10,000 customers in over 100 countries (96% of our products are exported).

100% family owned


  • Mäder | Austria (Headquarters)
  • Chur | Switzerland
  • Magdeburg | Germany
  • Minsk | Belarus

185 employees

We source 1,850 tonnes of cocoa from Africa every year, making us the biggest partner to Fairtrade Austria in this area.

We deliver 150 container loads overseas every year.

We shift roughly 1,400 pallets each day. This corresponds to approximately 300,000 pallets per year.

An average pallet has a height of 1.80 metres. If they were all stacked on top of each other, they would be 61 times the height of Mount Everest. The total figure of 540 kilometres is roughly the same as the distance from Mäder to Vienna or Leipzig as the crow flies.

Sales revenues in millions of euros


In the past 25 years, our sales revenue has grown 63 fold. The sales revenue we achieved in the previous year has been surpassed nearly every year.