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Large investment in the good


Werner Gunz set a very special sign of solidarity with a farewell investment. A sum of 500,000 euros was handed over to charitable associations and organisations in Vorarlberg. 

The newspaper report published on 10 December in the Vorarlberger Nachrichten, with many details, can be read here:

"Embodying values" from Werner Gunz


After 24 years of self-employment, Werner Gunz retires from working life on his 60th birthday. Under his leadership, the company has developed from a two-man business into a globally active enterprise. Profit maximisation always remained a foreign word. The focus was on values such as solidarity, flexibility, sustainability and the common good. They became the basis for a success story that is told in this book. 60 thoughts and anecdotes to reflect on, compare and sometimes smile about. It is not a textbook or a biography, but rather a loose collection of experiences that have come together in the last 60 years of Werner Gunz's private and professional life.

The book is available in German and English on request at office@gunz.cc

Most successful family businesses


At the end of November, Russmedia Verlag, in cooperation with the Chamber of Labour and the State of Vorarlberg, among others, named us the most successful family business in Vorarlberg (in the category 101-300 employees).
We are very proud of this award!

Click here for the newspaper report:

Kronen Zeitung Advent Series


On the Sundays of Advent, interviews with four Vorarlbergers are published in the Kronen Zeitung, conveying important messages. The first part was published for the first Advent Sunday, with Werner Gunz on the topic of "Vigilance".

You can read the report from 29 November here:

Christmas Deliveries


Deliveries of Christmas goods are currently running at full speed. The first customer pictures have reached us and show wonderful presentation examples.

Please remember to order your Christmas goods in time!

Fire fighting training


Being able to retrieve stored knowledge in emergency situations, can save lives. In order to impart exactly this knowledge, we have organized a fire fighting training course for our employees at the Mäder site. Under professional guidance, the colleagues were able to learn about a wide variety of fire situations at the beginning of September. Of course, the training took place in compliance with distance and hygiene regulations. The beautiful weather additionally provided for best mood when practicing and learning.

New bank account number


Due to the merger of the Raiffeisen banks in our federal state, we now have a new account number for our Austrian bank account. Our customers have already been informed and our business documents have been adapted, but please pay attention. For banking matters, please check whether you already have the new account details for Raiffeisenbank Montfort eGen (instead of Raiffeisenbank amKumma).

Our accounting team will be happy to answer any questions you may have!
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Aktenzeichen XY


Our Feiny Biscuits Waffles Hazelnut and Woogie Fruit Caramels have taken on important extra roles in the re-enactment of a case with Aktenzeichen XY. The show could be seen on ZDF.



In the well-deserved retirement we were able to say goodbye to our long-term employee Bernd Moses. Our two managing directors Michael Temel (left) and Stefan Gunz (right) thanked them with best wishes and a present.

20 years


We were able to honor another very remarkable event: Semir Mujic is our first employee with 20 years of service. We are very proud to have Semir as a loyal and friendly colleague in our team.

Focus on fan food


With this sensational leaflet advertisement, our customer gets undivided attention thanks to our two top clubs FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.
Make your business just as successful, unique and with international flair - just as our license partners FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are!

Riga Food in Latvia


At the beginning of September, one of the few trade fairs that we are organizing this year took place - Riga Food in Latvia. It was obviously a lot quieter this year than in previous years. Nevertheless, we were able to have very good discussions with some regular customers and some potential customers, while observing the Corona hygiene measures. Many thanks to our Baltic team on site and the visitors to our booth!

Exhibition canceled


The organizers of the PLMA have finally canceled the exhibition for this year. New, expected date: May 18-19, 2021

Climate neutrality alliance 2025


As in previous years, we have offset and shut down our CO2 emissions again in the current year 2020 with the support of the well-known climate protection aid project in Ethiopia. With the very good success of this "all-round package" we are happy and proud to be able to make a new contribution again.

New software


Together with our digitization partner Iconparc from Munich, we have expanded the existing software program to include a new field service planning module. With this new tool we can serve our customers even more efficiently than before. Our planners, Ms. Böckle and Ms. Berthel, will be happy to answer any questions or concerns about visits by our sales representatives!

FC Bayern gets the TRIPLE!


An incredibly exciting Champions League final (ghost) game between our fan food champions FC Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain was shown on TVs by millions of viewers last Sunday.
The German record champion FC Bayern Munich took home the coveted pot with a hit from Kingsley Coman (59) and thus the football triple!
After such a sensational event, the demand for fan food from our final champions will only increase!

BVB perimeter advertising


While FCB and PSG were playing their way to the top of the Champions League, BVB was in a training camp in eastern Switzerland last week.
During test matches against the SCRA here in Altach (AT), very close to our headquarters, our perimeter advertising on the subject of fan food ran.

Fan-food modular system


With this new fan-food modular system, we now have the right solution for every customer requirement and order quantity!

With your order of

- displays
- original boxes
- pallet wrap placement
- modular display * NEW * (6 boxes result in the ideal floor stand height)

find the ideal solution for your business space!

Easter assortment for 2021 fixed


View all brochures:

Versatile use


So ingenious: how versatile our products are! This is shown here by one of our customers from Germany - they fill their donuts with our products: marshmallows, shortbread biscuits, waffle balls and children's chocolate.

New forklifts in Mäder


The four forklifts that we ordered last year were delivered to the Mäder warehouse last week. They replace the existing forklifts that are getting old. The new tools are equipped with the latest lithium-ion battery technology and can now be charged during the day, which was not possible with the old technology. This means that the forklift can be used for a whole working day without the battery running out. The charging time is also reduced from around 8-10 hours to 2-2.5 hours.
Another big advantage is the lower energy consumption. Each new forklift saves around 5,000 kWh of electricity per year. This roughly corresponds to an average four-person household!
We wish our colleagues in the warehouse a lot of fun with the new reach trucks!

Wonderful presentation in manual catalog


Our customer regularly publishes a manual catalog with and on a wide variety of topics of the year. Here you can see on these pictures e.g. Fairtrade, Easter, Mozart, fan food, Grazioso ...
Particularly noteworthy is the elaborate and excellent product presentation!

Lighthouse to the farewell


We received a very nice gesture of thanks from the Mäder school home (all-day school and therapy center for children with disabilities) as part of the farewell from Werner Gunz for the years of support. A child from the school home painted this beautiful lighthouse on canvas. A moment with a moving gesture that we would like to share - many thanks to the Schulheim Mäder for the long-term friendship!

Company handover to the next generation:

Here are the words of Werner Gunz:
The Corona-times signs for personal changes


Everyone says that after Corona many things will not be as they used to be. This statement is correct, but Corona-changes can also have positive impact.

When the pandemic and government regulations began, we decided that my son Stefan Gunz and my son-in-law Michael Temel would guide our company through the Corona-time. I was sent to do „home office“.

The last weeks showed, that Stefan and Michael grew confidently and were up to the task. They were happy to walk the path alone with our employees and leaded our company through the Corona-crisis.

I am proud of my two successors.
We decided as a family, to officially hand over the operational business to Stefan and Michael from now.

For my companions - Customers, Suppliers and Friends - I am currently preparing a gift as thank you: The development of our company, in book form. The story of how it all began 24 years ago as a "two-man-company" and was developed in a global company with a turnover of 150 million euros. I will publish it as a book on November 10, 2020 when I finally leave. I do not focus on facts and figures, but on the values of our family.

However, I do not completely retire. Although my original life plan looked like this as from November 10, 2020, it is now different. Our company will survive the Corona-crisis with manageable changes, that’s why I can take intensive care of my "second company" in the next phase. I have long been in management positions at the Austrian Bundesliga soccer club "SCR Altach". In the future, I will contribute intensively in the operational area.

I would like to thank you all for taking the path together. My son Stefan and son-in-law Michael are already looking forward to a positive business partnership with you, as I was able to experience.

With best regards,
Werner Gunz

My new place of work at SCR Altach.

The early handover of the company article in the daily newspaper "VN"


Here you can read the sports section of the newspaper from May the 2nd, 2020 about the Gunz management change:

Piacelli as a durational favorite


The demand for Piacelli was particularly high during the Corona period. This customer from Germany has provided his customers with a nice structure!

Chocolates and pralines in Camerun


In addition to the many turbulences about Corona, there are also very positive delivery reports to report: After more than a year of preparations, our customer from Cameroon has finally managed to place our goods on his business premises!

XXL placement with Stiratini cracker


With one of our customers from the Netherlands, you are equipped for large purchases thanks to such XXL superstructures!



When our company was shut down in mid-March due to the corona crisis and switched to shift operation, some of our field service crew stepped in immediately and actively supported our colleagues in the office and warehouse. We are proud of such a great cohesion!



Since 2018, we have been a partner of the climate neutrality alliance Klimaneutralitätsbündnis 2025 and have been certified as a climate-neutral business location.

As in the previous year, our CO2 emissions of 1,000 tonnes for our branches in Austria, Germany and Switzerland have been offset by CO2 emissions allowances from a climate protection aid project in Ethiopia.
This aid project is a full-service package for around 5,000 households in eight Ethiopian communities.
The total package for each household includes two efficient cooking stoves, vegetable seeds plus training in growing vegetables, tree seedlings plus reforestation projects, a solar-powered lighting source and WADI drinking water treatment which is powered by the sun.
The aim of the project is to improve the lives of people locally.

Our contribution has helped 350 households! We are very proud to be part of this great project.



Beginning of February we successfully passed the re-certification for Food Safety according to ISO 22000 standards without any defects or deviations. We would like to thank our employees for their contribution that led to this outstanding result. Special thanks go to our Quality Assurance team for their perfect work on this topic!

Common good certificate through common good economy


We were recently presented with the award for the successful audit of the common good balance.
Human dignity, solidarity and justice, ecological sustainability as well as transparency and codecision are crucial for this common good certification

Of particular note is our commitment to the subject of Fairtrade.
We achieved our goal set in 2017 to convert all items to Fairtrade chocolate in 2019. Last year we switched the entire assortment of chocolates and chocolates to Fairtrade cocoa. This made us the largest provider in Austria in this area in one fell swoop

In numbers, this means: 1850 tons of Fairtrade cocoa with more than EUR 1 million in Fairtrade investments



About a week ago, the ISM took place in Cologne, the largest confectionery fair in the world. ISM is one of the most important events for our company, to meet existing customers, make new contacts and present our innovations. Our focus this year was our fan food range - with the new, third champion : Paris Saint-Germain. Many thanks to all visitors and to our employees for the great effort!

Champions League 2020 - well positioned with PSG and BVB Fan-Food!


The return games between our top clubs "Paris Saint-Germain" and "Borussia Dortmund" will take place in February and March 2020 respectively. A perfect opportunity to bring football fans to our fan food items!

International news


Our entire team in France met in Paris at the end of the year for mutual discussions. The team greets all of its customers with this picture, taken during a visit to Paris Saint-Germain.

Sales meeting in Munich
At the end of last year, a very special Gunz sales meeting took place in the Allianz Arena in Munich. In addition to our entire sales team from Germany and Austria, there were also exceptional moderators and guests, such as Matthias Zimmermann from FC Bayern Munich.
Hans Lanzinger (Managing Director Pfanner Fruit Juices) set the course for the lecture by the couple Rosi Mittermaier-Neureuther & Christian Neureuther (parents of professional ski racer Felix Neureuther).
After the first few minutes, the two former ski racing legends excited the participants. Ms. and Mr. Neureuther have set themselves the goal of influencing others positively, whether professionally or privately, and motivated them with their life experiences. Thank you very much for that!

Published in the newspaper: Modernization & optimization


At the end of December a 4-page insert appeared in the daily newspaper "Vorarlberger Nachrichten" about our renovation including the road works with a roundabout last year.
We are pleased to be able to use this regional medium to inform you and the population about our construction milestones in 2019!
Via INFO you get to the 4-page construction report

Annual Review 2019


Many thanks to you for the past sensational year. We closed the year with another record turnover of EUR 148.8 million. This corresponds to an increase in sales of 4.8% respectivelyof EUR 6.8 million compared to 2018. We achieved the largest increase in sales in absolute terms in France (+ EUR 4.2 million). This was followed by Germany (+ EUR 2 million) and Belarus (+ EUR 1.4 million).
Many thanks to all of our employees, customers, suppliers, partners and friends for this sensational annual balance!