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Donate from our social fund


Also this year, social institutions from the "Kummenberg region" (Vorarlberg, AT) received support from our company's social fund.

This is endowed with € 100,000 annually and is intended for the strokes of fate of our employees and their families. If our employees do not make full use of this, we are happy to pass the money on to social institutions or to people with fatalities in our region.

This year, among others, the Mäder Schulheim (all-day school and therapy center for children with disabilities) and the Lichtblicke Altach organization were supported with a total of € 65,000 from our solidarity fund for their exemplary work.

In the picture above (from left to right): Arnt Buchwald (Schulheim Mäder) and Jürgen Egle (Lichtblicke Altach) together with Werner Gunz.

CO2 footprint


We have been able to further reduce the CO2 emissions generated at our plant this year.
The biggest savings this year came from the conversion of the building heating system at our headquarters in Mäder. Here, natural gas was converted to "Vorarlberger Biogas", which is produced from organic waste (Häusle in Lustenau - Vorarlberg, AT).

Further savings:
- The lights at our logistics centres in Mäder (AT) and Magdeburg (DE) have been converted to energy-saving LED.

- At our sites in Mäder (AT) and Magdeburg (DE) we use only eco-electricity.
- At the logistics centre in Magdeburg, we commissioned a new photovoltaic system in 2018, which will produce approx. 750,000 kWh of electricity annually. This plant generates more electricity than we ourselves need. We supply the surplus energy to the public power grid.
- Work has also begun at our branch in Mäder on the construction of a photovoltaic system. The first phase of the construction has been completed and already covers about a quarter of our annual electricity requirement (100,000 kWh). The 2nd construction phase is already in progress. After completion of the construction work, the plant will be able to produce approx. 200,000 kWh.

The amount of CO2 emissions that we could not avoid was neutralized again, as in the previous year, by high-quality climate certificates.

Anuga in Cologne


From 5. - 9.10.2019 we were represented with a strong team at the Anuga, the leading food fair in Cologne. With numerous existing customers we could deepen our business relations and in addition we could make 195 new contacts from all over the world! In general, the number of visitors this year was very international. We would like to thank all visitors and our employees for the dedication!

International news: from cyprus and germany


A cypriot customer has sent us new photos of his shelf placement. This longtime partner of ours now has a very wide selection of Gunz items and has become a fast growing and important customer of ours in recent years. A big thank you for the cooperation and the great pictures!

Wooden boxes are not only suitable for storing fruit and vegetables during the fall season. As you can see in this picture of one of our German customers, they can also be creatively used for great special placements.

Product variety with fairness


Products with Fairtrade Cocoa does not mean only chocolates. No, the product range is much bigger! Almost 100% of our pralines & chocolates have been converted to Fairtrade. In the field of cakes & biscuits we'll change also to Fairtrade Cocoa! Also here our producers already use Fairtrade Cocoa for some products.

International news: from estonia, finland and Netherlands


From Kuressaare (German: Arensburg), the only city on the largest Estonian island Saaremaa, our customer has sent us these beautiful impressions of his local store. The customer carries a wide range of food items - almost exclusively from Gunz.

Images of a customer from Finland: In his area, customers are quite taken with the Woogie candy bonbon tins and are enjoying a good deal.

In the Netherlands, in addition to the nice cash point placements, this Snackline "Wall of Fame" is on the shelves of our customer.

Riga Food in Latvia


At the beginning of September we were present at the Riga Food Fair, the largest trade fair in the region. In these exciting four days, we had the opportunity to introduce our products to a wide audience. Customers from well-known retail chains to private stores came to our booth. We are proud that our company and our brands are becoming more important in Latvia from year to year.

We have a new address


The road reconstruction work in front of our headquarters in Mäder is currently in full swing. As part of this renovation, our address will change to "Zollweg 1" instead of "Im Hau 23".

Bad Dog Now again available in GERMANY!


The Bad Dog from Austria, one of the energy drink hits on the market in the price entry segment is now again in GERMANY available as a tin - with DPG-deposit!

International News: from romania and germany


Our partner in Romania offers this selected variety of chocolates from Maître Truffout to his customers. A great selection for every celebration!

The Football Bundesliga and Fan-Food articles of BVB Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich are currently in high demand and ensure a good mood. Placements like this are currently ensuring increased attention on the special sales areas.

The seasonal assortments for Christmas und Easter are fixed!


October 31st is Halloween!


Click here for our Halloween assortment:

International News: from germany and russia


Our customer in this picture brings the Italian holiday flair to Germany with an appealing Piacelli special placement. The Piacelli pallet coat, which is available from us, was used as a poster advertising. A very nice placement!

Whether if bonbons from Woogie, chocolates from Sir Charles or milk bars from Maitre Truffout - this Russian customer understands how he skilfully can present a large selection of our products.
His customers seem to like it, we too!

You are interested in stocklots?


Are articles from over productions or with short "best before dates" interesting for you?
To get our stocklot e-mail list please send your contact data to Ms. Tina Manzl: tina.manzl@gunz.cc
You will then regularly get our stocklots list by e-mail!

International News: from Cyprus and Germany


Our customer in Cyprus uses our Gina iced coffee classics in the varieties Latte Macchiato and Cappuccino. Ice-cooled and ready to drink immediately, customers are spoiled with iced coffee from this specially created shop refrigerator with striking Gina Originale advertising.

With this customer chain from Germany, "summer" is played far in the country. 120 branches are stocked with our products and sold in with special displays, as you see on these beautiful impressions!

PLMA Amsterdam


On 21st and 22nd May the annual PLMA exhibition took place in Amsterdam. Our sales team was once again able to make many interesting contacts and present a great exhibition stand.
The PLMA is the largest trade fair worldwide (2,700 stands, 14,000 visitors). For more than 30 years, retailers and manufacturers have been meeting at PLMA to introduce new products and forge new contacts.

Santa Claus sends greetings in summer:


"Think early on your pre-orders for Christmas! You will find our assortment in the online-shop."

"Faire Champions" - Vorarlberger Nachrichten


Recently, the daily newspaper Vorarlberger Nachrichten published a report about Fairtrade. We are pleased to be a "fair champion" in the food trade as same as the Vorarlberg company Pfanner fruit juices!

Piacelli brochure & recipe booklet now available!


INTERNATIONAL News: from Czech republic, romania and the world


A few weeks ago we were in Prague as an exhibitor at a small Fairtrade fair. Our Czech employees presented our products and made many interesting contacts.

This customer sent us great impressions from his stores. Through its twelve food markets, where our products are sold, this customer has become a very valuable partner for our company.

In the last few weeks we extend our license agreement with the two German soccer league clubs
FC Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund. This continues our soccer success story.

INTERNATIONAL News: from the NETHERLANDS, spain and germany


This client from the Netherlands has recently listed and ordered different items from the Gunz assortment. The office supplies retailer runs 39 branches and, in addition to the attractive display placement, has also set up some shelf space for the new items.

A customer from Spain has decorated his shop window and cash area for Easter. The small bakery chain is already known for its beautifully decorated shop windows and seasonal placements.

A really nice holiday picture has sent us an endconsumer from Germany. With a nice message he thanked us for having enriched him and his partner's holiday with our Hugo di Ginetto drink.

4th Energy Efficiency Network Vorarlberg


Under the direction of the Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG (VKW), 13 leading Vorarlberg companies joined together to form the 4th Energy Efficiency Network Vorarlberg. We are one of these companies and proud to participate in this important project.

Based on experiences in Switzerland and Germany, the first energy efficiency network in Austria was launched in Vorarlberg in 2012. The main objective of the project is to discover and implement economic energy-saving potential at the participating companies. In this way, it was not only possible to reduce operating energy costs, but also to reduce CO2 emissions, thus making an active contribution to local and regional climate protection. The network sees itself as a cooperation and networking platform for the economy in Vorarlberg and is accompanied by the Research Association for Energy Economics in Munich.

For a long time the Vorarlberg companies, and also us, have made great efforts for a steady increase in energy efficiency. In addition to participating in the energy efficiency network, we are also a member of the Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025 and contribute significantly to climate protection thanks to the use of renewable energy from our own photovoltaic system.



A customer from Finland has placed the new Maitre Truffout truffle pralines straight on the shelf. Thanks to the practical display boxes, the goods can be staged in a simple and attractive way.

One of our Dutch customers has opened a new branch and equipped it with our products. Whole shelves are filled exclusively with Gunz items, in addition, there are display and cardboard structures. A special focus was placed on a whole meter of the Piacelli brand.

There was also a new branch opening in France. Two of our sales representatives supported the customer on site and placed the goods attractively on the shelves.

"Lebensmittel Praxis" - ISM stars


The trade journal "Lebensmittel Praxis" has summarized various product highlights of ISM Cologne in one article. Also our football articles were among these highlights and received a place in the "best list".

"Pause" - On-board magazine of People's Airline


Peoples Airline published an interesting report on Werner Gunz in their on-board magazine "Pause". The magazine is published every 2 months and is not only available in the aircraft of the airline, but can also be ordered as a subscription to home.



The Gunz Fan-Food products of the two clubs FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are still a real sales hit. Two of our customers in Germany made a special effort with the placement of the products. The imposing column of butter cookies as well the creative construction of the gate, skillfully draw attention to the products.

New in the assortment are these classic Gunz display in a wooden look. This well-known customer from the Netherlands has placed several displays.

These images of shelves filled with Gunz products come from one of our Czech customers. As the picture proves, the customer trusts almost exclusively the Gunz assortment and our Czech sales team.

Exhibition review ISM 2019


The ISM in Cologne was focused on Fan-Food food this year. In addition to our Fairtrade products, we also presented our Fan Food assortment to visitors of the exhibition. Our team received energetic support from Bernie and Emma, the mascots of FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.

International news: From the netherlands


A true eye-catcher in this 99 cent promotional display at a client’s store in Den Haag. The matching Gunz pallet wrap makes the placement especially interesting.

The new product catalog is available!


Edition 1/2019
Download or order your Gunz product catalog:

Annual review 2018


The year 2018 has been extremely successful for us and we have set a new record. With a total of € 141.9 million, we were able to increase the revenue by € 6 million, which represents a growth of 4.5% compared to the previous year.

Our strongest sales country is Germany followed by Switzerland, France and the Netherlands. The largest growth 2018 was in France as well Germany, USA, the Netherlands and Greece.

We were again able to expand our internationality with new customers in Peru, the Canary Islands, Argentina, Monaco, Senegal and Djjbouti. Overall, Gunz products are now represented in 100 countries around the world.