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International News: from Russia


This supermarket chain in Russia with over 60 stores has listed 16 items from the Christmas assortment and 40 products from the Gunz standard assortment and sells them very successfully.

International News: from Iceland


A beautiful picture from the listed Gunz Christmas assortment was sent to us by our customer from Iceland. Shown at a converted “NETTO”-shop in Reykjavik. The customer is one of the largest supermarket chains in Iceland.

International News: from Germany


This Edeka shop in Bavaria, Germany has created a very original display for Halloween. Among other products, this one was assembled with various products from the Gunz assortment.

International News: from Turkey / the Netherlands


For the first time, products from Gunz were listed at Metro in Turkey and the Netherlands. In Turkey there are a total of 45 Metro branches, in the Netherlands there are 17 branches.

International News: from Cyprus


Our customer Panalex from Cyprus purchased the two varieties Gina-iced coffee from us. In addition to the set-up, they also have a separate fridge for the presentation of the products.

International News: from Czech Republic


Fairtrade Czech Republic recently held a brunch to inform about development, numbers and successes of the markets. The Executive Director of Fairtrade Austria, Mr. Hartwig Kirner, gave a lector on innovatives in the Fairtrade market worldwide and was available for any questions from all participants. Besides larger companies such as Kaufland CZ and Nespresso CZ, two of our sales representatives were on site for Gunz.

International News: from the USA


Our products have also reached California. In addition to our Fan-Food, various cookies and biscuits are now available at the Barstow station (Route 66).

International News: from Turkey


Recently four different Gunz products are available at Ikea in Turkey. The supplied stores in Istanbul und Izmir count an average of 30,000 visitors daily.

International News: from Morocco


Gunz products are very popular in Morocco. Our customer from North Africa exclusively receives products from our own brand assortment in the categories of confectionery, pastries, bakery products, chocolate and pralines as well snacks and nutrients.

International News: from the USA


Our FC Bayern Munich Butter Cookies are now available in the Hofbräuhaus in Las Vegas!

International News: from Belarus


In Belarus we listed Gunz products at another large customer. With more than 650 shops, the chain is the largest food retailer in Belarus and supplies a wide range of sectors: from small local shops to hypermarkets which include online shops. Therefore, the whole territory of Belarus is covered and supplied.

The fan food assortment is complete!


In a record time of only 5 months we have been able to implement our project for the FC Bayern Munich & Borussia Dortmund Fan-Food assortment. Our initial contact with FC Bayern Munich took place at Säbenerstrasse in Munich on February 7, 2018. After we got the OK, the assortment selection, creation of the designs, laboratory tests, production of the packaging and products were completed with high pressure. Borussia Dortmund started a little later but under the same conditions. After only 5 months, all 19 products were on stock in the Gunz warehouses in Mäder and Magdeburg. It was therefore possible to start with the first deliveries in mid-July 2018.

The two top-clubs FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund complement each other optimally on the sales areas because the customers can choose between their favorite club.

We are asked repeatedly, what is special about the Gunz sales concept regarding FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund?

We accredit our success to the following four reasons:

  • The favorable pricing for top-licensed goods is unique.
  • Thanks to the wide assortment, every placement can cover many customer requirements.
  • The Gunz sales force with 60 sales representatives and a clever logistics concept of 24 hours is unbeatable.
  • For this purpose, all products have been carefully selected, the qualities and the corresponding presentations are remarkably high quality.

An important criterion in the implementation of the unique project is also the fact, that all chocolate products are awarded with the Fairtrade cocoa program seal.

Important for FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund is the strong internationalization of the Gunz sales and distribution, the products should be available to fans worldwide.

International News: from Austria


The Vorarlberger Nachrichten Newspaper reported on the Gunz Fan-Food assortment on Wednesday, 18.07.2018. Topic was how the cooperation with the two top clubs FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund emerged as well as the clever strategy that differentiates the Gunz Fan-Food range from other fan foods in the sports sector.

Great Fan-Food placements


Many items from the Fan-Food range have already been delivered to our customers and some impressive placements and great setups of the football fan pallet have been built in the shops.

International News: from Latvia


In Latvia, we have been able to list some items from the Gunz range at a retailer specializing in the sale of spirits. These are now available in several mega-stores in Latvia.

The Gunz Footballfan-palett is available


At Gunz-Shop in Mäder we already have the first set-up of our footballfan pallet. It contains the 13 items from the Gunz Fan-Food assortment which are already on stock.

International News: from the US


For a new customer who operates food marts selling drinks and snacks at approx. 8,000 gas stations in the US, the Gunz range was best placed by our employees from overseas.

It's Halloween on October 31st!


Scary times are around with these products for Halloween!
In the Halloween assortment:

  • Ghost train figures filled with sugar pearls, which later serve as a money box in witch, vampire, pirate and ghost designs.
  • Creepy milk chocolate figures in the net bag (individually wrapped) filled with horrible eyes, skeletons, ghosts, pumpkins and horror figures made of fine chocolate.

All items and displays are ready for order now and available from the beginning of August! For this, contact your personal Gunz sales person or our head office directly.

Order numbers:

0088215 - Milk chocolate skeletons and eyes net bags 135x100g display
0090263 - Milk chocolate skeletons and eyes net bags 22x100g counter display
0088128 - Ghost train figures moneybox with sugar pearls 35x110g display
0090253 - Ghost train figures moneybox with sugar pearls 12x110g counter display

International News: From Russia


In Kaliningrad, Russia, one of our customers has set up their own shop offering only Gunz products.

International News: From Finland


We travelled to Finland to visit a customer. They run a thriving border shop and fill up their shelves with a variety of Gunz articles.

new christmas products


Our Christmas assortment 2018 has been supplemented with many new articles.
Browse our seasonal assortment and discover the novelties.

International News: From Australia


Preparations for the Christmas sale are already in full swing. Also our Australian customer is preparing and put over 60 Gunz items in his Christmas catalog.

Kick-OFF Gunz Fan-Food


The presale has now started:

  • Browse our Fan-Food assortment and
  • design your individual footballfan-palette right now
  • in August the items are available!

international news: from singapore


One of our customers in Singapore at Vivocity, Singapore's largest shopping center, places the Gunz range in the best possible position. Here for example the Mignons waffles of Feiny Biscuits right at the entrance.

We get the ball rolling - with the Gunz football fan pallet!


With the Gunz Fan-Food assortment we introduce a food range in cooperation with the two German football clubs FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.

We will launch 20 branded products from different product groups, distribution will be worldwide. The pricing will be extremely attractive so all fans will be able to afford the items.

Soon we will be able to start with the pre-sale of our football fan pallet. The package will include a free football jersey of your choice, either from FC Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund. Just in time for the start of the German soccer league season in August, the items will be ready to deliver.

international news: from Germany


In the German cities of Mönchenholzhausen and Erfurt, our products were very well assembled within the check-out area of a furniture store chain. This example shows that Gunz products are not only well received in the traditional food retail area.

Barcelona we are coming


The Alimentaria in Barcelona will take place from 16 to 19 April 2018. We are joining this year and our team is looking forward to your visit!

Visit our booth in pavilion 2 - booth no. 276 and discover our new products! We have many goodies for you on offer!

New cooperation with FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund


Gunz is starting an exciting project. For the two German football clubs FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund we are implementing a food range for retail, distribution will be worldwide.

  • 20 products from different product groups are branded in FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund presentation.

  • The pricing is extremely attractive and in-line with the market, every fan can afford the impulse items.

  • Just in time for the Bundesliga start in August 2018, the products will be available.

New Gunz subsidiary in California, USA!


Since April 1, 2018, the Gunz America Corp. has been expanded by 8 employees and a location in Sun Valley near Los Angeles, California.

Through this, Gunz is now well represented on the west coast of the US with an own sales team and warehouse. From this location we will also be able to directly supply the neighboring states of Arizona, Nevada and Utah.

Photo: Werner Gunz (right) with the US sales team

Gunz exports to 98 countries!


In the first quarter of 2018 we were able to win customers in the following three new countries:

  • Argentina
  •  Djibouti
  •  Monaco

Gunz products are now available in as many as 98 countries worldwide. By opening the market in Monaco, we are now represented in all European countries (except Vatican City).

international news: from Germany


On March 21, 2018, Werner and Simone Gunz participated in the Fairtrade Congress in Berlin.
Once again it became evident that by switching our chocolate range to Fairtrade cocoa we are able to offer a special added value to our customers.

Foto: Dr. Tsitsi Choruma (COO of Fairtrade Africa) during her speech.

international news: from Libya


In Libya, one of our clients sponsored a children's tennis tournament on behalf of Gunz and sent very nice pictures of the participating children and lucky winners.

international news: from Austria


In Salzburg - the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - all kinds of Mozart balls are especially popular. An eye-catching shelf design with the theme of the famous musician attracts the attention of consumers in this location.

international news: from Romania


In Romania, the Day of Love is almost impossible without Maître Truffout. Also Metro Romania thought so included the heart chocolates with cherry and liqueur filling from Maître Truffout in their TV commercial on the occasion of Valentine's Day.

international news: from morocco


A customer in Morocco has printed advertising images of products form the Gunz assortment on their delivery van and is hence promoting our product range strongly.

The new product catalog is here!


Edition 1 / 2018
Download or order your Gunz product catalog:

international news: from austria


international news: from Cyprus


Our distribution partner in Cyprus has sent us great pictures of pastry and chocolate constructions as well as his advertising newspaper.

Let's meet in cologne!


The ISM in Cologne will take place from 28. - 31. January 2018. We are looking forward to see you there!

Stop by our booth in Hall 11.2. - booth no. E21 and be surprised by our novelties!

We will sweeten your day with many treats!

international news: from Italy


In Castellana Grotte in Apulia, our customer created a witty decoration for the "Festa della Befana" on 6th of January and hence put the Gunz assortment in the spotlight.

Annual Review 2017


The year 2017 has been very successful for us. We were able to increase our annual turnover again. This now stands at € 135.8 million, an increase of € 5.52% or € 7.1 million.

We were able to further expand our international presence. In other words, the Gunz own brands are sold in 95 countries worldwide. New countries such as Morocco, Turkmenistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Gambia, Martinique and Puerto Rico have come along.

Our strongest sales country is Germany, followed by Switzerland, France and Austria. We were also able to develop particularly strongly in Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland and Finland.