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Honours for Christmas staff party 2010


On December 11th, 2010 the Gunz Warenhandels GmbH invited his staff to the company Christmas party in the J.J. Endersaal in Mäder.

Many employees from Austria, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic und Italy were welcomed.

As part of this ceremonial evening, the plans an visions for the year 2011 were presented by the management.

Jürgen Dachs (AUT), Semir Mujic (AUT) and Udo Bohnenstengel (GER) had have every reason to celebrate for their 10th anniversary.

Brigitte Potzinger (AUT) and Peter Kurka (GER) were adopted in retirement.

With musical entertainment by the Band „Zündstoff“, the Gunz-Team finish off the evening joyfully.

Headquarter Mäder: construction of the office amplification is in progress!


At the headquarter in Mäder the construction of the office-area extension has started. The construction works are currently in full swing.

The completion and the move-in of the new offices is planned for spring 2011.

After one month rebuilding phase: „Gunz Shop“ opening in Mäder


After the rebuilding phase of one month, the “Gunz Shop” opened on the October 15th, 2010, in Mäder.

“More beautiful and more attractive, a great experience to look at. Our customers and business partners are convinced of the new shop-design!” comments Helmut Gunz (Business manager) about the new designed Shop. The new Shop, formerly known as “Schnapp Zu”, is now modernized.

Attractive, emotive and exclusive – so the new “Gunz Shop” presents itself.


The well-thougt-out of the presenting area, the integrated “Vinothek” and the comfortable atmosphere are inviting the customers to a well and satisfied shopping-time.


A basic fact of the new shop is the showroom - used for business-partners. In this very suitable ambiance the product variety is perfectly accentuated.

Record 19 Million Euro Investment Planned


Gunz Warenhandels GmbH in Mäder (AT Vorarlberg) is again hitting the limits of its capacity. In the coming year, the food trade manufacturer will start two major new building projects to lay the foundations for further dynamic growth. The current area of the Mäder administrative headquarters will be doubled to 1,200m². In Magdeburg in Germany, a new logistics centre is to be built on a 28,000m² area with a capacity of 22,500 pallet spaces.


The total investment for these two projects comes to 19 million euros, the largest in the company’s history.


“We want to be closer to our customers and suppliers with our products, saving many HGV journeys in the future. The Magdeburg depot will manage North Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia, England, Poland and the overseas container business. Mäder will remains the logistics centre for Austria, Switzerland, South Germany, Italy, France and southeast Europe,” say the owners and CEOs Helmut and Werner Gunz.


After Austria joined the EU, the Vorarlberg company turned from a pure import company into an exporter. In 13 of the last 15 years, Gunz Warenhandels GmbH has grown by 10% or more.

“With the new buildings we will create space for a turnover of about 200 million euros. We want to achieve that goal within the next 10 years,” Helmut and Werner Gunz add.

The Vorarlberg family business is already expected to turn over around 67 million euros this year.


In recent years, Gunz has strongly pushed forward with an own-brand strategy, which has led to increasing worldwide demand for the products of the Vorarlberg firm. The share of exports is at around 95%. The largest share is exported to Germany, followed by Switzerland and the Netherlands. The largest increases in turnover by value were this year in Austria, Belgium, Spain/Mallorca, Romania, Canada and Israel. A few months ago, Gunz set up its first overseas branch in the USA. The office and depot of Gunz America Corp. is in New York, from where the expansion drive in North America is pushing ahead.

Gunz Warenhandels GmbH working with Warner Bros.


Gunz takes new directions in the product range.

In June 2009, the brand rights for the Flintstone family were acquired from Warner Bros.

Currently, the Flintstone line from Gunz includes more than 30 food products.

The dynamic product range was presented in Köln in spring 2010 at the ISM, the world’s largest confectionery fair.

The variety of products included is impressive and innovative.

Croissants, muffins, marshmallows, children’s champagne, checkout zone impulse buys, popcorn, sweets to chew and lollipops all have the trendy cartoon figures Fred, Barney, Wilma or Betty.


“It will be easy for retailers to assemble an attractive range of impulse buys from the most diverse types of goods, or a strong second line sales pitch with marketing material provided,” say CEOs Helmut and Werner Gunz about the introduction of the Flintstone range.

“Food and drink are among the strongest-selling lines in the licence market. We look forward to very positive development in the licence market. We were able to acquire a timeless Stone Age classic with the Flintstones, giving consumers a great deal of pleasure,” comments Manuel Gohm, of the Gunz Warenhandels GmbH Marketing Department.

“We are looking forward to extending the products continuously over the next two years,” adds Matthias Lechthaler of the Purashing Department of Gunz Warenhandels GmbH enthusiastically.


With the new licence business, the Gunz Warenhandels GmbH range will continue to grow, and the family firm remains loyal to its motto, “Competence in food.”