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Our solidarity fund is endowed with € 100,000 per year and is used to help employees and their families in times of hardship. If it is not used by our employees, we happily pass the money on to social institutions and people experiencing hardship in our region.

We also place work orders with social institutions. At pro mente Dornbirn, people with mental health issues can find suitable employment and support. In 2018, we transferred € 15,000 to this institution for packing work.

We also provide products to the Vorarlberg institution Tischlein Deck Dich, which hands out free food to people in need.

In 2018, among other things, we gave € 17,500 from our solidarity fund to the Schulheim Mäder (a day school and therapy centre for children with disabilities) and Lichtblicke Altach to support it in its exemplary work.

Image from left to right: Werner Gunz, Mag. Arnt Buchwald (Schulheim Mäder), Martin Frontul (Lichtblicke Altach), Simone Gunz

In 2019 we were again able to support the Schulheim Mäder (all-day school and therapy center for children with disabilities) and the Lichtblicke Altach organization with donations from our solidarity fund - with a total amount of € 65,000.

Image left: Mag. Arnt Buchwald (Schulheim Mäder) with Werner Gunz

Image right: Riccardo Di Francesco, Martin Frontull, Reinhold Nachbaur, Jügen Egle (all from Lichtblicke Altach) with Werner Gunz (from left to right)

Registered disabled workers

In Austria, employers are obliged to hire at least one registered disabled worker for every 25 employees. At Gunz, we are firm believers in this directive and fulfil our requirement more than 100%.