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Image: Visit by cocoa farmers from the Ivory Coast, who learned about our Fairtrade project on site.

Dignity & Fairtrade

We achieved our goal set in 2017 to convert all articles to Fairtrade chocolate in 2019. Today, we have switched our entire range of chocolates and pralines to Fairtrade cocoa. This made us the largest provider in Austria in this area in one fell swoop.

This new portfolio currently includes 200 products from 15 different suppliers. We are personally committed to ensuring that the cocoa farmers, who are unfortunately considered the weakest link in the supply chain, are also fairly rewarded for their hard work.
For us, Fairtrade is not a marketing project; trading fairly is our family philosophy.

In numbers, this means:
1850 tons of Fairtrade cocoa with more than EUR 1 million in Fairtrade investments,
around 1,000 farming families with around 15,000 people benefit from this. These families cultivate 3,700 hectares

It is important to us to protect our entry-level price concept despite our commitment to Fairtrade. We are keen to send out a clear message that you do not have to forgo responsibility, sustainability and fairness in the entry-level price segment. The additional costs of around € 1 million per year are borne by Gunz.
As a result, we are by far the largest partner for Fairtrade Austria in the area of “sustainable cocoa processing”.

We also see ourselves as an ambassador for Fairtrade; our products can be found in 100 different countries throughout the world. We publicise the Fairtrade logo on 40 million packages a year. For many people, the first time they come into contact with Fairtrade is through us, and they begin to take more and more interest in it.

An ethical attitude towards money is important to us. We establish companies abroad in order to be even closer to the customer in foreign markets, not for the sake of reducing profits and saving on taxes.

Image from left to right: Mag. Hartwig Kirner (Manager Fairtrade Österreich), Simone Gunz, Anne-Marie Yao (Fairtrade West Africa), Werner Gunz