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Climate protection

The biggest savings in 2019 to reduce CO2 emissions came from the conversion of the building heating in our headquarters in Mäder. Here, natural gas was converted to "Vorarlberger Biogas", which is produced from organic waste (Häusle in Lustenau - Vorarlberg, AT).

Further savings:
- The lights at our logistics centres in Mäder (AT) and Magdeburg (DE) have been converted to energy-saving LED.

- At our sites in Mäder (AT) and Magdeburg (DE) we use only eco-electricity.
- At the logistics centre in Magdeburg, we commissioned a photovoltaic system with an output of approximately 750 kWp in 2018. This plant generates more electricity than we ourselves need. We supply the surplus energy to the public power grid.
- We expanded the existing photovoltaic system at our headquarters in Mäder in 2021. The output was increased from 100 kWp to 170 kWp. This enables us to generate about 50 % of the electricity consumption at the Mäder site ourselves.

The amount of Co2 emissions that we could not avoid was neutralized again, as in the previous year, by high-quality climate certificates.

100% Co2-neutral

Since 2018, we have been a partner of the climate neutrality alliance Klimaneutralitätsbündnis 2025 and have been certified as a climate-neutral business location.

Our CO2 emissions of 1,000 tonnes for our branches in Austria, Germany and Switzerland have been offset by CO2 emissions allowances from a climate protection aid project in Ethiopia.
This aid project is a full-service package for around 5,000 households in eight Ethiopian communities. 
The total package for each household includes two efficient cooking stoves, vegetable seeds plus training in growing vegetables, tree seedlings plus reforestation projects, a solar-powered lighting source and WADI drinking water treatment which is powered by the sun.
The aim of the project is to improve the lives of people locally.

Our contribution has helped 350 households! We are very proud to be part of this great project.