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Common good

We have lived sustainability for decades. In our day-to-day activities we try to consume the minimum resources and to work efficiently.
The subject of sustainability is not confined by us to ecology and climate protection; instead we also attach importance to public values such as dignity, solidarity and justice. To enable us to practise these even more intensively, we are a certified member of the Economy for the Common Good.

We know that we cannot change the whole world, but in our small part of it we see daily opportunities for achieving change and improvement in the public interest with our deeds and values. And we can do so and communicate this transparently and openly.

Our corporate responsibility does not end with the preparation of our financial balance sheet. Our motivation is not to maximise profits. We want to go much further than that!
We see ourselves as a family business with great social skills. The common good is a subject close to our hearts, and social responsibility is not new to us.

Sustainability and the common good are increasingly becoming our company philosophy. We see these investments as part of our mission statement and are keen to set ourselves apart from other companies. We want to inspire employees, suppliers, customers and partners to join us.

Focal achievements for the common good:

  • Ecological sustainability and climate protection
  • Dignity
  • Solidarity
  • Justice

On the subject of Fairtrade: We achieved our goal set in 2017 to convert all articles to Fairtrade chocolate in 2019. Today, we have switched our entire range of chocolates and pralines to Fairtrade cocoa. This made us the largest provider in Austria in this area in one fell swoop.

In numbers, this means: 1850 tons of Fairtrade cocoa with more than EUR 1 million in Fairtrade investments,
around 1,000 farming families with around 15,000 people benefit from this. These families cultivate 3,700 hectares

Common good certificate through common good economy

We recently received the award for the successful audit of the common good balance at the “Forum Ethics & Economy - Economy for the common good meets FAIRTRADE”. Human dignity, solidarity and justice, ecological sustainability as well as transparency and codecision are crucial for this common good certification.