Relocation of packaging to warehouse


At the Mäder warehouse, about half a year ago, we moved most of the packaging department to the warehouse to make the processes more efficient.


At the beginning of April, the new area was delimited by partitions to protect it from noise and drafts. In the new area, the main focus will be on price labelling for one of our major customers.

Around 35 pallets of goods are labelled daily. This corresponds to about 30,000 labels per day! If these 35 pallets were stacked one on top of the other to form a tower, with an average pallet height of 1.80 metres, this would result in a tower 63 metres high. That is as high as one of the first high-rise buildings in Germany, the Narva Tower in Berlin from 1909!


Once again we would like to thank all colleagues from the warehouse and packaging for their patience in the relocation and their energetic help! 

PLMA Amsterdam 2024 from 28 to 29 May:

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We look forward to seeing you!