Many thanks for 165 years at Gunz



This year, we are pleased to celebrate a remarkable 165 years of loyalty to Gunz with 13 staff members who are celebrating their anniversary with us. During the personal congratulations at our head office in Mäder, our logistics centre in Magdeburg, and at our start-of-the-year party at the end of January, our managing director Michael Temel thanked everyone for their solidarity and loyalty over so many years. There were happy faces all around when we presented our gifts.


Dear Gerhard Häusle and Alexander Hörske, many thanks for 20 years of loyalty to Gunz!

Michel De Boer, Natasa Miljkovic and Gerald Stückelberger, thank you all for 15 years of loyalty to Gunz!

Gökhan Ekici, Barbara Gleich, Maria Lo Russo, Marc Mittempergher, Sabrina Zerlauth, Melissa Berthel, Steven Hanczyk and Alex Weise - many thanks for 10 years of loyalty to Gunz!


Dear anniversary staff members, we take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty once again. We are proud and happy to be able to count you as part of the Gunz family after so many years! Here’s to another 165 years!

At the end of January, our start-of-the-year party took place at the Firmament exhibition centre in Rankweil. The anniversary staff members were congratulated before the entire Gunz team: Gökhan Ekici, Maria Lo Russo, Marc Mittempherger, Barbara Gleich, Sabrina Zerlauth, Alexander Hörske, Gerhard Häusle, Michel De Boer (left to right).

On his visit to Magdeburg, Stefan Gunz (2nd from right) presented our three anniversary staff members with their gift and his congratulations: Alex Weise, Melissa Berthel and Steven Hancyk (left to right).

Michael Temel (MD) with our anniversary staff member Natasa Miljkovic.

Michael Temel (MD) with anniversary staff member Gerald Stückelberger and our store manager at Mäder, Rene Ender (right).

A brilliant start to the year with the Gunz start-of-the-year party


After a long break which was forced on us by the pandemic, the waiting was finally over: at our Gunz start-of-the-year party at the end of January, we finally got the chance to celebrate together once again.


At our annual start-of-the-year party, we say goodbye to the old year and usher in the new one. In high spirits, we discussed our many successes, raised a glass to our many excellent and successful business relationships and looked forward to the challenges ahead. As the photos below show, the party was great fun for every member of the Gunz team!

The location at the Firmament centre in Rankweil was decorated for the party, the food from Seidl Catering was great and the atmosphere was terrific! And the party band “The Rubberneckers”, not to mention some extra special performances by our dear colleagues, made certain that everyone was really fired up. There was plenty of dancing and laughing, and the past year of business was celebrated until late into the night!


Many thanks to the responsible teams, to all of those who attended the event and for the great atmosphere! 


Here are a few impressions from our Gunz party: